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Audio Specs

The Rhinos house audio system is a 24 channel, stereo biamplified system with approximately 9,000 Watts rated FOH output at 98dB 1w/1m sensitivity. It provides 4 monitor mixes, with 2 wedges/mix at front of stage, and 1+sub at drum position. 31 band graphics and system limiters are in place on FOH and all mixes.


Allen & Heath GL2400 mixing console
Alto CLE 8.0 8 ch compressor, typically inserted into subgroups
alesis eq-230 in sidechain of ch 1&2 of CLE 8.0 as frequency consciousness
2x Altogate 4 ch freq conscious expander/gate, available as channel inserts

EFFECTS, driven by console ‘B-mix’, returned to aux returns:
TCElectronic M-1
TCElectronic D-2


Console Aux 1-4 > 2x Alto EQ231LED > Alto CLE4.0(in amp rack) > 2x Crown CE1000 >
7 Cerwin-Vega PSX-122 + 1 Peavey Bandpass sub


8x Flown FR + 4x Stage-imbedded Subs
Console L&R > Behringer UltraDyne Pro > Behringer GEQ-3101 > Alto Altodrive 2.4(in amp rack)
FR, per side: Alto MAC 2.4 > 4x Cerwin-Vega PSX-153
Sub, per side: Alto MAC 2.4 > 2x Custom folded horn 18″, co-incident exit

24 ch stage snake, typcally 25-30x 25′ XLR cables available.