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What Is Technical Writing?

The definition of technical writing is a form of writing that focuses on the information technology field. Technical writing is or writing specialized for technical and occupational sectors, including computer hardware and software, electronics, engineering, medicine, aeronautics, mathematics, biology, biomedical, robotics, finance, and other areas.

Writers who want to work in the information technology field need special training. For example, those who are new to the industry must take writing tests and submit them to a technical writing center. Writers will be exposed to a wide range of topics and be given various writing assignments in order to hone their technical writing skills. In order to be successful, writers must also choose a career path that fits well with what they want to do. There are currently a number of technical writing jobs available.

Job for Technical Writers

Some of the most popular technical writing careers include technical writers for a variety of companies. These writers are hired by businesses to create reports and documents about their products. Businesses may also hire technical writers to write manuals and instruction guides about their products. Documents like these usually require highly technical terms, which are difficult to understand for nontechnical writers.

Document design

Another type of job for technical writers is document design. They create writing aids, including manuals, presentations, operating procedures, product descriptions, and other types of technical content. The person who assigns this job may be involved in a number of different projects. One day the person may be writing technical content for a website, and the next day they may be writing a manual for a computer system. In between projects, document design professionals also spend time working as consultants and educators.

Freelance technical writing

Some businesses prefer to outsource the work to specialized freelance technical writers. The companies may need the writing skills of an individual or a team of individuals to complete specific projects. When companies outsource their technical writing, they can get high quality work for a lower price than if they had just hired a staff of professional writers. Freelance technical writers often focus on one particular type of document design or another. They usually won’t have to learn multiple different languages and they often maintain a strong network of contacts in their field.


If you want to know what is technical writing, don’t be afraid to ask questions. A quality document design company will always provide accurate and detailed answers to any technical writing question. You should also make sure that you understand the terminology that is used within your project. Many technical writers don’t consider themselves to be technical writers, but they do have the ability to provide technical information in a clear and concise manner. Sometimes, that technical information may not necessarily be useful to others outside of the industry.