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Writing Prompts For School Students

Writing prompts for high school students can be incredibly beneficial. High school is a very tough period in a student’s life, filled with social pressure and academic work that need to be completed in order to graduate. High school students need all of the help they can get, making writing prompts for high school students beneficial. These prompts can be extremely helpful as they not only give the student ideas to work with, but also demonstrate how to write effectively in an academic setting. Most importantly, though, they provide inspiration and get the student thinking outside of the box.

Many students in this age category are able to handle tough situations with ease. They are not afraid of learning and are often very creative writers. But, when it came to writing, many challenges to express their ideas or even to simply express their emotions. So, high school writing prompts are invaluable for them to tap into their creativity and express their emotions. This can be difficult for them because most high school students have already been trained to express themselves through their essays and papers.

There are a few things to keep in mind when giving out writing prompts for high school students:

  • Make sure to describe each writing prompt clearly so that there is no confusion as to what the assignment is. Describing the assignment in a way that is clear to the student is the first step in helping them get started on the writing process.
  • Always offer several different types of prompts. For example, you might offer three types of essays, all of which are different from each other and demonstrate three different topics. Choose three writing prompts from each topic that you are going to teach, and then use those prompts to begin teaching the students. Each prompt should be written in a different way to demonstrate your point. Once you have completed the first prompt, it is important to jot down your lesson plan so that you know how much time you are going to have to teach the topic. Also, you will need to have enough time allotted for any other projects that may arise while you are teaching the class.
  • Always give the students a chance to describe what they would make if they had the money for something like a new computer. The same thing can be used to describe your own situation if you had the opportunity to purchase a new car. By giving the students a realistic description of their situation, you will help them understand how difficult it would be for them to obtain that new toy.

Many high school writing prompts are about describing what you would do with the money you have in the current situation. Therefore, make sure to include some examples of situations where you might acquire money and give students an idea of how they would deal with that money.

There are some instances when you do not have to provide very convincing reasons for something. This happens when you are asked to choose among many similar objects. It is also possible to write about why you would not choose a certain object. This type of prompt works because you are simply describing what you do not like about the object.

For example, if you have three objects, A, B and C, you would not tell someone why you would choose A over B or vice versa. The idea behind this prompt is to get the student to imagine how they would feel if they had all three objects, and then work out a reason as to why they would not choose A over B, for example, or C over D.

To ensure that you do not violate any trademark laws, your prompts should be original. You should also try to make sure that they do not convey ideas that you would not like to be used in your own work. One of the easiest ways to get started with writing prompts is by using the prompts and essay stating techniques discussed above. Once you feel comfortable with the format, it is time to get out there and start writing your own innovative prompts.


Writing prompts for middle school students are not hard to come by, especially since most teachers encourage their students to write essays. Of course, if your teacher does not want you to write the essays, you can still use the prompts and essay writing techniques. In fact, most teachers will find that the more you write, the better you will get in school and the more influential you will become. Writing prompts are a great way to prepare yourself for college.