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Youth Writing Contests

Did you know that writing contests are becoming increasingly popular among high school and college students? Many writing contests will specify that they award cash prizes, not necessarily for the top winner. Others will specify the kind of prize (a prize for the best essay, etc.) that they prefer. As a student, it is exciting to know that you have such options and that you can actually win something, other than a “free” book or some “prize” with “strings”. In this article, I will give you some information on how to find writing contests and how to win them.

Writing contests are a great way to discover what kinds of short stories are appealing to you and what kinds of short stories are not appealing to you. Many writers participate in writing short stories because they like to write, and many young writers love to see what kind of writing they can do. The challenge for many young writers is to develop a “killer” short story that is also fun to read. Writing short stories can require a lot of research, and much of that research is time consuming.

How to overcome difficulties?

To get over this initial “jam” of attempting to write a story, many young writers decide to join a writing workshop. A writing workshop is a program put on by various community colleges and universities. During a writing workshop, participants are asked to perform short readings or perform writing tasks under the direction of a tutor. This experience can help young writers to overcome their “jam.” Some writing workshops also allow students to use their writing software.

Because writing workshops are a very effective way for a student to learn how to write a short story or any other short piece, many writers are choosing to enter writing contests for poetry contests, especially in the spring of each year. This is because it is a very popular type of writing competition. Poetry contests, unlike short story contests, usually have many judges, and the poems need to be creative.

Evaluation of poetry contests

Some writers feel as if writing poetry contests are not being fair to them because they are not able to display their creative side to the judges. In order to prevent this type of situation, many poetry contests now have a “disqualification factor.” If your poem is not any good, or if it does not meet the judges’ criteria for quality, you are required to submit additional work to increase your chances of winning the contest.

Writing poetry can be very hard work, and many talented poets do not want to submit their poetry in a poetry contest where the outcome is dependent on a few points. This way, there is an added level of pressure for those poets who really want to win a poetry contest.


There are many other writing contests available to writers twenty-five years old and up. Some are more involved than others. Many of the writing contests involve writing letters of recommendation for an essay or mini-essay that is written by the judges. However, some writing contests simply require creative writing. The writers may also be asked to write a brief paragraph about something that the judges are considering as their topic for their essay or mini-essay.